10 tips to grow your city in SimCity BuildIT

simcity buildit tips and tricks

SimCity BuildIT is a multiplayer construction and management game, in which we have to create our ideal city, with all that entails and disadvantages. The hinge is for nothing, so we are facing a pleasure to “Time Management” where you have to go waiting time intervals until the buildings and improvements finished.

Of course, they also allow us to buy basics In-App, that will make us move faster in creating our city, but as usual in these games, following some guidelines and having a little patience, we can challenge without predicament used Extra capital. In this post we give you 10 tips / advice to better instruct your city , especially when you begin with it.

1- Spend your first airline to increase the capacity of businesses

Tickets that gives us a dropper can be used for various things, such as shrink construction time or get materials that do not have. We recommend you use them to increase the capacity of stores rather than to summarize time because eventually the improvement is veteran. That is why when you begin to have shops, And spend a few bucks to build their capacity building, the first improvements are not expensive, so dress four bills to increase production is a “gift”.

2- Sell everything you can when prompted

The ticket is a perfectly sufficient scarce in SimCity BuidIt, thereby achieving this is one of the main objectives. That is why, especially when just hovering, it’s good to betray everything I ask citizens since the construction time of the first means are not very big and can be filling our coffers extra guise. Once we are more advanced you should take more than we sell, because sometimes the ratio time / flow rate is not so disposed near us.

3- Create objects slow to betray the commercial deposit when you do not need

Another good way to enter flow is selling rudiments in the commercial deposit . That is why, although do not be zero to build specifically, it is good to stop doing things slower so you can sell them in the store. This will help increase the cash.

4- Always keep in mind the space between buildings to place services

When we started, we want to place the more houses, sometimes forgetting that we must provide citizens with basic services. That is why, once to meet an entire city block, think about the space needed to place Police, Fire and Clinics , and you’d better have a couple of houses less happy but the rest, who have empty houses that do not provide minimum.

5- Getting braces is very important

If you have played during certain hours a solace, you will know that our statement seems obvious, but we want to make that clear. We must try,whenever we can, meet the boat and start disaster . The first will give us a spigot for each shipment, with the possibility of getting a day.Disasters, unlocked more ahead, will allow you to get up to 10 keys “adversity”, so you ahorrad to unlock the building as you may have a chance.With the keys you can build specializations to increase the population and make more money and level.

6- Build parks and specializations

The population is very important for the improvement of our city, which is why we have to go back into parks and specializations to grow faster. Every time you lay a new Try núpuro consisting of the dean of homes to maximize their impact on growth.

7- Structure your city to remove contaminants residential buildings

When we started to envy, we can not keep the importance of jubilant citizens, so it’s good to think for a few minutes how we want our city. In this manner we will avoid having to re ordered everything to avoid contaminating living areas. That is why only originate build factories and polluting supplies, stray as possible from residential buildings. More ahead is good escape and return our finances to build new buildings that do not pollute , so do not be afraid to demolish a few buildings. Simcity buildit hack no survey .

8- Go to visit often Headquarters Complete Trade

At times, there is no easy way to get that material disregard You us to improve the store or unlock a new area of the plane, so it is good to stop by often Headquarters Complete Commerce , where other players SimCity sold BuildIT their belongings. It is accomplished to buy the principles that appear randomly on the map.

9. Cater to the dejection of citizens to be happy

The fortune of citizens not only allows us to get larger buildings, but also give us more capital per hour. That is why care for all our citizens having deposition is critical. Hearing what they say and act accordingly: away polluting factories, build parks and service roads or so and progresswhen they run small. Better is a neighbor glad percent in another city

10- Increase inventory is very important

At first you may seem vast, but as you may have some shops, you will see that the demands of the buildings will make you accumulate more rudimentary. That is why increasing the inventory is very important . Try to get as much as possible the sample, because in that guise you can catch all the objects that give you random citizens. At some point, it is also advisable to salute the World Trade Headquarters to buy some that it fails.

Extra: What is the airport and the Japanese residential areas?

If you have reached the level sufficient to unlock the airport but benefits will not know that you will explain it: the airport is the same as the port , but instead of keys will give you typical Japanese items that will be able to use to build Japanese homes. What is the difference with normal?Well, these are 20% more people than usual, ideal to further increase our citizens.


Mobile Strike Guide: Tricks, tips and strategies

mobile strike tips and tricks cheats

Mobile Strike is a strategy game where we have to build our base and improve it to make it impassable, unlock all kinds of units and form an army to destroy the enemy.Here’s our guide to the best tips and strategies to build the best foundation and tricks for gold and VIP points.

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How to play to Strike Mobile

Mobile Strike basically have to build buildings, research and training troops. The key to the game is to build structures that allow us to get more resources so that eventually will give us the best basis with the best troops, and used all types buildings that give us resources to not miss anything. This does make things more difficult at first, but will pay off in the long run, and be aware that there is no limit buildings to build , so you can build all from the beginning.

Mobile Strike has several types of missions . Do main missions as you may because they are simple and give us many rewards and help us improve our base. Then there are the daily and alliance missions , which have the advantage that we just have to accept them, so always keep one of these active missions.

Defend yourself and look who attack

One problem with this strategy is based resources that will be targeted by playerswho want to take our resources, so we have to improve our defense immediately , what good it is that attacking players also get resources. Since the beginning we have a 24-hour shield that protects us from attacks, Please use this time to improve your defenses. You also have to improve your warehouse to store all these resources properly.

When you have to attack, see if you can to by base people who no longer play the game and has left, you’re still producing resources and be easy to conquer without risk of reprisals, many easily obtaining resources.

Ge stiona your resources and your commander

Mobile Strike have to return to the screen of missions to collect our reward when we finish the missions. This has an advantage because your enemy can not be done with the resources that you have not picked up, so only picks up what you need and this will help you all can not remove.

Another important thing to consider is improving the level of our commander since it is the key unit of the game. This affects the whole of our base, and level up when we can get points to spend on skills for combat.

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FIFA 16 Foul tips: shoot flat, Fake, and other tricks

fifa 16 tips and tricks

How can I shoot in FIFA 16 better free kicks and what tips the ball lands often goal? Here you can find some kick tips for FIFA 16 on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The free-kick is still a very popular standard situation in FIFA 16 where you do not with the right players and above all the right tricks rarely has a good chance to score.Here are a like in real football everything is possible. Who wants to try it with a little luck, the bolzt the ball at the free-kick just at full strength goal, or you do it with brains and a little deceptive to the kick and then plays the ball through into the box. There are endless design possibilities that can lead to the goal. We Here we have a series of kick tips and tricks for FIFA 16th

Thus, the free-kicks in FIFA 16 also end up in the goal, sometimes it does not just depend on a little luck but also on the right strategy and tactics. Of course, also plays the player taking the free kick, a big role. But after the referee has whistled and decided on the standard situation, you should first survey which option is the best. The one pass probably not good at can transform from an acute angle by a direct shot on goal and there would be better access to a pass or a snappy free kick, which would have to be clear to everyone. If you are not satisfied with the free kick taker, then you can go over the shoulder buttons the player at any time.

FIFA shoot or cut 16 Foul directly

If you stand in front of the penalty area and there get a free-kick, then you can try again with a normal or slightly curled or being turned foul. In a wall, you should always aim as possible between the heads, so the ball can fly yourself with a dip in some cases between the heads at goal.

In the shot strength it depends not only on the distance but also the player. A value of two bars certainly a very good average with a good free kick taker and a distance of 15 and 25 meters.

  • Thus, the ball after the shot descends quickly you have to push forward during the startup phase the left stick. Thus, the ball falls faster and the chance of a gate is increased.
  • If you want to easily cut the ball at a free kick, then you simply have to press at the start-up phase the left stick in the appropriate direction.

FIFA shoot 16 Foul flat

With a little luck you can by shooting the ball well under the wall. This of course is only a flat free-kick, which you can do as follows.

  • To shoot a free-kick flat You have shoulder button LB and hold L1 and press the shot button.
  • Charging the shot depending on the player to approximately one to two bars.
  • While the player starts to shoot You must now press the left stick forward so the ball is shot flat over the lawn.

FIFA shooting 16 free kick

Who wants the ball with violence goal and where the distance is perhaps even slightly greater than 20 meters, which should follow the following tip-kick. Choose a player with a good shot power and run from a hard kick. Moreover, you will invite to the weft bar for about 70 to 80 percent, and depending on which position you shoot, do you think the left stick forward left or right front.

FIFA 16 Fake kick and let players run on ball

A kick-trick has been seen not only by Thomas Müller in the World Cup but is also commonly used always happy. In FIFA 16 you can use a trick to kick feint and let a player go through the ball. Thereby you can confuse the opponent and hopefully put the ball precisely in the target.

  • You can take a player to run through the ball leave where you are holding the upper shoulder button [RB / R1] and pressing the weft and Customize button. This trick also works with two players.
  • After feinting you can submit the ball and shoot by hitting on the gamepad [LT / L2].
  • You can not only end with a direct low shot or a pass, but also make the ball through the feint kick. Holding [RB / R1] and the passport and shot button and press the pass button to play the ball in the barrel.

For more great tips we can again recommend the following video. The player Ovvy goes at great length on different positions during a shoot-out and gives tips. Also you can learn about the perfect shot strength.

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Clash of Clans Tips, Tricks, Cheats for Unlimited Gems


Clash of Clans tips, tricks and all information about cheats for popular app. Clash of Clans belongs next to some other games to one of the most successful apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app from the developers Supercell is available for several months on the App Store and can be downloaded there and enjoyed themselves months after the release still great popularity among players. The mix of structure and strategy game play make Clash of Clans for many players so interesting as it both comes to establish his own fortress and therefore establish its own troops and to compete against other players from around the world.Here you have to focus in addition to the attack on other players on their own village and build there enough defense to withstand the opponents can. Here, the player must not only put his tactical skills to the test but must simultaneously show even his skills in building and managing a fortress.

The app Clash of Clans is totally free to download in the Apple App Store and offers many features and lots of fun. The Clash of Clans game for iPhone, iPad and Co. has already distributed millions of players downloaded all over the globe and still is one of the most popular apps and can keep for months in the charts from the App Store top. The game has not only tens of thousands of active players but also tens of thousands of options, how to attack an enemy, how to defend his fortress at best, and more. In this article we want to take a little bit on the app and publish the best Clash of Clans tips and tricks.

Clash of Clans Tips and tricks

Although most published here Clash of Clans tips rather turn to rookie of the app, of course, the one or other useful information for experienced players Clash of Clans is also time and again.

Concern for sufficient deposits: When you attack other players can get a lot of resources in a win. It is not only important that you re-invest the money in the attack but at the same time also invested money in the infrastructure, such as warehouses, such as the Gold Storage. If the captured resources are, for example, higher than the available memory, the difference dissolves in resources in air, which is certainly the best scenario.

Buildings close together build: Another tip, which particularly aimed at beginners, is the construction of one’s own village. Build the building as close to each other, so the defenses defend more buildings and the buildings are harder to reach for the enemy.

Choose a clan: As one can infer from the name of the app Clash of Clans, it’s not just about to fight in single combat by the game but also to join other players. Choose so as quickly as possible a clan in Clash of Clans and team up with other players. So you have not only its own allies in the back but at the same time can come to a lot of resources.

Not send any troops to battle: Even though it is not always a walk when attacking another player and you really needed each unit in the attack, one should also keep in mind that is very vulnerable to their own fortress in time. For this reason you should not put everything into the attack but leave some troops home in order to be able to use for the defense of its own facilities in an emergency.

For more tips and tricks: That was the moment all our tips for iOS app called Clash of Clans. Should you have any further tips for the game, you can us this gladly send over the comments. We will include them after an examination with in this article.

Select the right opponent in the attack

Again and again we see Clash of Clans Players who make a mistake when choosing the enemy and attack much more strong targets that can often destroy only the city walls. So you should assess before the attack always or at least try to estimate whether it can be with the enemy ever record. There are some things to consider, where you can tell whether the attack in Clash of Clans worthwhile. The features that we use it, we have summarized you again in the following list. We have this point therefore incorporated into our Clash of Clans tips because of these errors by many players will be committed.

Check Resources – First, you should examine the resources of the opponents. If this has just emptied its entire stock and new buildings or troops built, then the attack is usually not worth it, because you. Anyway the unit loss with Anticipated needs Therefore, always before making a look at the warehouse to see if the attack worthwhile.

Removal steps of defenses: Another point in our Clash of Clans Tips for the attack is testing the defenses. How many defenses has the opponents and what level are the plants? That should definitely check before an attack.

Check if the opponent is in a Clan: If you do not and many strong members in the back have even that can help in an emergency, you should definitely check out even if the opponent is in a clan. If so must estimate to how much the communities is, if it is already a strong known or have you done already bad experiences with the attack of another Member, let rather steer clear of it, because not infrequently is within a few seconds a large army units in the Clan Castle or you will be attacked by you.

Those were our tips for Clash of Clans for opponents choice.

The most important building in Clash of Clash – The City Council

The town hall is one of the most important buildings in the app and you should always keep the focus on these buildings.

The town hall has different expansion stages or levels, which are very important for the development of their own village. So the town hall from the development stage can be leveled and accordingly the player has, inter alia, access to other buildings and troops. Furthermore, the town hall is the main building in Clash of Clans and particularly the position of the City Council should be well considered. When your village is attacked, including the town hall is the main goal for the opponent because it gets a star at a destruction.

For this reason the town hall should be protected not only with many defense, but also the position of the building is an important factor in the defense. Builds the City Hall in Clash of Clans as centrally as possible in the city, so that it is protected in addition to the defenses also from other buildings.

The expansion stages of the Town Hall

As already mentioned above in the paragraph on the town hall in Clash of Clans this building has three variants. Under the table below you can see the individual steps and the costs that hit points and the construction period.

The Clan Castle

Next to City Hall, the Clan Castle is also a very important building in Clash of Clans. At the beginning of the game, the building has been destroyed and there has to be built for quite a lot of coins again. Many players are wondering this, whether it is at all worthwhile to build the Clan Castle again. Briefly, sooner or later everyone will build the Clan Castle again, as you join the clan without a clan castle and clan can not establish itself.

Furthermore, nor to use the clan castle very good for anything else. If you a Clan in Clash of Clans joined since, you can request on the Clan Castle New troops. Whether you need this for the attack or in defense of their own village.

The Clan Castle has several expansion stages. Overall, the building has four configuration variants with different characteristics and innovations.

1 Level: 10 unit courses
2 Level: 15 unit courses
3 Level: 20 unit courses
4 Level: 25 unit courses

Everything about the League in Clash of Clans

Another issue is a must in our Clash of Clans tips on not, is the so-called League. This feature has been around for some time and we have summarized the most important information on the League in Clash of Clans. The League has now been divided into different sub-leagues. These include the lower leagues such as bronze, silver, gold, crystal, and Master Champion. From a total of 400 trophies you come to the first league and this is the bronze league.

Clash of Clans free gems

The gems are in Clash of Clans the premium currency, which you can get for free though but buy for real money with some tips. Of course you can only get a limited number of very valuable gems in Clash of Clans for free, how to do and what you have to make sure you can find in this article. The gems are needed in Clash of Clans for being able to, for example, to move forward more quickly and more quickly build a building can. By this time advantage not only saves time but can also gain an advantage over other players.

Get Clash of Clans free gems Achievements

In this paragraph, we would like to show you a few tips on how you can earn free in Clash of Clans gems without having to spend real money. Anticipation That said, it is not here to cheat but legal tricks.Especially at the beginning you will not only showered with many innovations in Clash of Clans but also by completing quests you will be rewarded. The rewards Clash of Clans gems are also time and again.

Get Clash of Clans free gems Clans

Another great way to get free gems is of course the communities. Because with the app Clash of Clans is it so, that will be rewarded with gems the best clans. For example, get the best clan in the game all the 10,000 gems what is really quite a large sum. For the second best clan there again 5,000 and the third-best again 2.5000 gems.

Get free gems by chance

Sounds weird, but you can also always by chance get one or the other gems. All you need to do for this is the removal of obstacles and objects in game Clash of Clans. Because it is not uncommon that is below an obstruction of one or the other gem. While you can get by no 10,000 gems in a few days together, but worth it, small livestock manure from mach.:-)

Free gems by collecting trophies

If you Clash of Clans play often, you will this way more free Clash of Clans gems hack to get probably already know. The Nas your whole 1,250 trophies in the game collect the cups gets her through the taking of other cities in the Games app, you’ll get a whopping 450 gems.

Clash of Clans get more gold

Having already taken care of the issue Clash of Clans more diamonds, we want you in this chapter show how to more gold in the game can get. Following Clash of Clans tips you should be aware so if you want to have more gold on the virtual account.

Tip 1 for more gold – building right place: A tip for more gold in Clash of Clans is to get the correct placement of the building. Thus, one should place especially the gold mines, gold camp and the town hall in the center of the castle, so that they are well protected from enemies. If you are attacked namely, the attacker gains a victory, the gold of the building. Protects those buildings so well against the enemies and ensures the sufficient defenses available.

Tip 2 for more gold – uniformly expanding gold mines: Many players from Clash of Clans surely know that you can upgrade the gold mines in the game. So you can bring up a gold mine up to level 10, but you should make the upgrades as uniformly as possible in all existing gold mines. It does not make much sense a gold mine at level 10 upgrade if the others still have low levels. This therefore makes no sense because the cost per Upgrades rise at each level.

More tips for more gold: If you still have further useful tips and tricks for more gold in Clash of Clans, you can feel free to leave a comment this.

Clash of Clans Cheats

Now we come to the topic Clash of Clans Cheats. As in any game or building strategy game in which you can compete against other players, the demand is very high for cheats. So we were asked frequently whether there is a cheat for gems Clash of Clans, with which one can increase his gems within a few seconds. On the Internet there are also to see some videos, so imagine the alleged cheat. We strongly advise against the use of such cheats. On one hand, you risk his account through the use of Clash of Clans cheat and secondly pulling the developers so that the revenue source for the free-to-play game away, because they earn more than the in-app sales money.

Further questions

If you have any questions or problems with the Clash of Clans App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can also get in a comment after woodlice. Either we or other players from Clash of Clans you can help then certainly. Furthermore, you may also like to publish the name of your clan here, if necessary. Looking someone still a Clash of Clans Clan or has itself a clan looking for other players. We will very soon expand the above-mentioned tips for Clash of Clans beginners to more useful advice. You are welcome to us also assist and your experience with Clash of Clans leave a comment.

They were initially all information about the popular app Clash of Clans for iOS. If you still have more tips, tricks and other useful information for Clash of Clans, you can feel free to leave us this as a comment.

On the ClashCon 2015 saw the first information about a new Clash of Clans Update 2015 or 2016. Among the new features are among others the town hall level 11, a new hero and new defenses include. Once we know more about the upcoming update, we will add it here.

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5 cool snapchat Tricks for Android and iOS

snapchat coolest tips and tricks

With our clever snapchat tricks users to the popular photo app Messenger not only post photos and view, but also use some well hidden features. We reveal the best snapchat tips and tricks on how to get much more from his snapchat account! Plus an Addition Site To Learn snapchat score hack

Snapchat use tricks and switch Extra options

The snapchat app provides the ability to send fun pictures to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, which are visible only for a short time and then dissolve into thin air. Every day around 700 million pictures and videos sent via snapchat world. After snapchat download, the user should enable enhanced features once. To this end, he clicks on Settings, on additional services and to manage. Then several extra options and filters are available that go far beyond the standard options. Below our selection of five coolest snapchat tricks:

Trick # 1:. 10-second limit crack at videos

Who uses the iOS version of snapchat, the 10-second limit may crack at videos and also record longer movies. For this purpose, the user typed in twice after the start of the video recording on the homescreen and comes into the multitasking view. Only after returning to the app will stop recording the video. However, the recorded movie can not be sent in full to friends.

Trick # 2:. Painting and writing in black and white

As is known, the user can paint his snapshots at will by hand and label. The color palette can be expanded by additional colors that are not seen in the iPhone app. White and Black missing initially appear. If you want to paint in white, moves with his finger in the ink column only up to the very top and then to the upper left corner of the display. In Black It’s analogous to down. Android Snapchatter can also paint with transparent colors, if you keep your finger and hold the color column to a new window can be seen.

Increase the number of “best friends”: Trick no. 3

The Snapchatter Quick and easy changes the indicated number best friends. This is to those people with whom you exchange most photos. The list can be extended at the request fits your need. The way to do this in turn leads through setting, additional services and manage. Here is the option number best friends for determining how many of their own buddies to appear.

Trick # 4:. Zoom for their own video recordings

If you miss a push in the recorded tapes, wipes when shooting a movie simply with a second finger on the display upwards. This means that the camera zooms in closer to the subject. Conversely, the whole thing goes with a swipe down to decrease the zoom as desired.

5 No trick: use Ortsbasierte filter.

The last of our snapchat tricks revolves around the filter. Who three color filters are not enough, you can use location-based filters for your own photos. For this, the user selects the settings snapchat manage and activate the filter. The snapchat requires app access to their GPS data and locating. Interesting information such as weather, speed, time or the recording location can be displayed.

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