Clash Royale: Changes to update July 4

clash royale

The guys Clash Royale have prepared a new balance changes. This update Clash Royale hack online arrive on July 4 . All this, while we wait for the heavy update that comes with new cards and the tournaments , of course. In this update, we have a balance of those changes that favor some users and harm others, in my case, I hurt all the cards.

New balance changes for July 4 in Clash Royale . Here the show, has no waste, well so be careful. You can see for yourself from the game itself, in the mailbox.

Clash Royale: Changes to update July 4

These are the changes :

  • The army of skeletons passing from 20 to 21 skeletons.
  • Goblins barrel passes cost 4 3 elixir deployment time Elves 1 to 1.2 seconds and increased impact damage barrel is removed.
  • The giant skeleton increases damage by 20% (does not affect the pump end).
  • 8% year dark prince is increased.
  • Bomber damage is increased by 9%.
  • attack speed Wizard 1.7 to 1.6 seconds increases.
  • infernal tower increases vitality points by 6%.
  • The collector elixir is now vulnerable to accelerators and retarders effects (ice, shock, anger and ice mage).
  • The tombstone life increases by 9%.
  • Tower life bomber increases by 6%.

These are the changes we will see from July 4 in the game . Especially when you favors users who use the giant skeleton (still looks some occasionally). Goblins also barrel is better now than it spends less elixir, maybe I think if I add it to the deck, because it works well right after a user spend the zap or arrows.

What do you think? Do you affect for better or for worse?

Hay Day Cheats & Tips for more diamonds, coins and building materials

hay day tips and cheats

Who Hay Day passes, which will sooner or later ask how fastest comes money, diamonds and building material here (Tip: Our table with prices and experiences for all Hay Day products ). With the presented tips can rake in per hour about 20 or 30 Diamante building material.

More coins in Hay Day

More coins you get in Hay Day so:

  • Sale goods : Instead of squandering the goods for orders and ship, simply times produce only for the stall. Virtually all goods can be for the maximum price to sell, and that’s 3 times more like orders or stevedoring. Disadvantage: There is no experience points, so you level slower.
  • Open treasure chests : This is a long-winded affair, but in idle times can sometimes also scour other Farms and diligent open treasure chests.
  • Acquaintances borrow : Can you arrange to meet a friend at Hay Day, so you can easily switch money and forth. The friend sold 10x material for 1 coin, they immediately sold back to the maximum price of 2,700 coins. We need this so a good friend who wants to give a money and a detailed consultation so that 1 Coin deals not long be in the booth.

More material (country extensions) in Hay Day

Building material (or land extension objects, saws, Dynamite etc) you always get when you have performed a certain number of actions: feed animals, collect goods or harvest fields . All about 50 harvested fields there is a goodie.

So: on 50 fields (lower level grow halt less but more often) wheat this harvest, the building material (or saw …) collect, re-sow and the surplus wheat to sell the same.This requires an empty possible silo and an empty stall. A slow selling object with display apply (bacon & eggs …) and sell them on the other places the excess wheat for 10 coins per 10 wheat. Cheaper wheat sold practically always. Pro Harvest Round therefore should be to sell the 50 wheat.

This allows up to 30 per hour goodies collect: One every two minutes.

More diamonds in Hay Day – or: How do I always get the desired Goodie or my desire Ship

Now it gets a little tricky, for the Flugmodus- trick requires some effort and to proceed swiftly. The trick works only useful in a WLAN / WiFi. But one must be able to collect per hour about 20 diamonds.

When harvesting of fields (and other actions), there is a building material (or a saw, or …). When digging in the mine there are ore. And sometimes a diamond. After sending a boat, there is a new . If you Pecht, only sugar and dairy products. All this is randomly controlled. How nice it would as a reset button to get it to taste just continue. According to this principle works in Airplane mode-trick I explain the basis of the mine. For the other actions (fields harvest, dismiss boat or the wheel of fortune turn) but it works the same way.

While the iPhone or iPad in Airplane mode, it can not communicate with the game servers. And this circumstance, we take advantage of us:

  1. Start Hay Day cheats
  2. The flight mode. Hay Day can further not save everything.
  3. Quick (!) Switch to Hay Day and the action to perform (for example, mine mine)
  4. It is a diamond this : Turn off the airplane mode, the network connection takes equal exist again. Quick (!) Go back to Hay Day, collect the diamond and then switch to another farm. This is cached. Return to own farm. Carry case 2.
  5. There is no diamond : Close Hay Day and remove from the taskbar. Turn off the airplane mode. The blade used in 3rd is still there! Carry case 1.

Bonus: No more bacon and eggs: If I do not like the newspaper

The newspaper is once again full of stuff that you do not need or that is long gone?Do not feel like waiting until you get a new edition? Simply Hay Day close, remove bar from the system and restart. Already there is a new newspaper , probably brimming with bacon and eggs.


boom beach tips and tricks

Many players we have wondered how to improve our Farming Boom Beach , and the only way to gain resources is totally destroying your enemy by attacking his headquarters, but this did is difficult sometimes because normally the HQs of the enemies are surrounded by all their defenses.

There will be a time when you will not have sufficient resources to improve a building, and the worst problem is that if they attack you and steal the few resources which disponías have to start from scratch. This will make you look forced to change or improve your way of farming, so as you progress you will discover thatthere are alternatives to improve your Farming in ways Boom Beach . In addition to attacking your enemies for resources, you can implement these methods Farming left you then.

Upgrade your buildings Production Boom Beach

  • Maximize your Houses, Sawmill, Mine and Quarry Stone to produce large amounts of resources.
  • Captures and protects as many resources as possible bases . Combine this by placing one or two statues of ice that increase health and damage buildings.
  • Improve your camera at the highest level until you need to improve your HQ .
  • Improve your submarine so you can immerse yourself over long distances , because the more profound the greater distance are the treasures which you can collect.

Use your Sculpture Workshop Boom Beach

  • Create a Masterpiece statues to increase production of a specific resource , for example you can create a masterpiece that will increase your gold production.
  • You can focus on a masterpiece that only increases the production of the resource you want most.
  • Place a masterpiece that increase the amount of reward of resources to attack your enemies and keep it accelerated with the use of powders .
  • Use the powders to increase the amount of production that generate the statues , of course hard acceleration certain time.

Take advantage of your enemies Boom Beach

  • Clean your map destroying as many enemy bases generated by the game , because the more youdestroy more than this appear and eventually will have collected a lot of resources.
  • As we mentioned above, places a masterpiece that increase the amount of resources reward .
  • Dr. T Boom Beach is a great resource , so you can finish achieved if all stages but this accelerated do with your greater reward for statues.
  • The event Gearhart Boom Beach is also a great resource and parts for your lab, so plan your attack well.
  • Hammerman Bases are another great resource if you can search becomes difficult as easily destroy them on YouTube, there you will find the best strategies.

All these tips to improve farming in Boom Beach cheats will be useless if your base is easily wiped, you will improve your defenses and maximum design the best possible basis to avoid enemy attacks as much as you can. We offer some tips to improve the defense and designing your base with one of our guides Types of Bases to defend yourself in Boom Beach .

Optional Council

When a building best and most resources are 0 or quantities in which you do not care if they destroy your base, you can place the Headquarters near the beach to easily destroy the enemies. By doing this you will lose medals, this means that the lower the number of medals that you possess the enemies that appear will be lower, as the game looking for enemies who are more or less in the range of the number of medals you have. Many players use this method, but is optional.

You can adopt this style of play as it will be helpful, but of course all this will be successful only if you manage to successfully defend attacks enemies. Now you have no excuses for the success of Boom Beach and remember you can visit other guides on our page. If you want more of this kind of reminds guides leave us your comment and sharing on your social networks. Ten tips for a good start

“We’ll all eat! “Although it reminds the slogan of an advertisement for aperitifs cakes, it is also suitable for whose principle is to eat everyone to survive. The hunt is on !

agario tips and tricks for grow bigger

This should really be anchored in your mind when you play Agario hack online: either you are cannibals and eat your fellow man, or you are a victim of ambient cannibalism in free browser game. To help you in this digital jungle, we tried the game and found some tips to make you the biggest guzzlers of the game.

10 Tips and Tricks For Agario

  • Select a server near you to avoid the offset (No Server US for the EU!)
  • If you are still small, do not go in the corners! If someone takes you hunt, it will be much more difficult to get out intact. However, it is an ideal hunting ground for large cells.
  • Again, enjoy the advantage of being a small cell: You are quick and easy to maneuver. Hide behind the virus (toothed green balls) will force the larger cells to multiply or are too stupid to fall into the trap of the virus and detonated in small pieces … so you can snack on the way.
  • Use the spacebar to throw half your weight forward. This allows you several things: you can catch smaller cells quickly, secondly, it can offer a way out in case of attack and thirdly you gain speed by dividing you. The different pieces refusionneront after some time.
  • Follow the same principle with the W key, allowing you to separate you from some of your total weight. This is particularly useful in a team partly because you can make a cell grow your color to make it stronger and save your camp.
  • The cells of the same size can not eat. Do not waste time with those.
  • Try to block your competitors on the edges of the plate or on the virus.
  • Divide into several cells to have more chance of catching confetti. Please note however that no opponent should overtake you as you will be too weak to resist.
  • Play together! Unity is strength ! You can block several a group of smaller cells or feed other players with the W key
  • Changing the settings can be useful. For example you can let indicate the mass of a cell.

Test: One Piece Treasure Cruise on iOS and Android


Test: One Piece Treasure Cruise, released on iOS and Android at the beginning of the year, he has stood the test of time? On a free-to-play market where supply is constantly changing, this game license to be yet able to fill your days during the coming Christmas holidays? Answer in our test.

[Updated Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 14h36] In the month of February, fans of Manga, One Piece fans who own a smartphone Android or iOS saw land with joy One Piece Treasure Cruise . Promising hours of fun, running Luffy and his crew of merry men, he had received criticism rather conciliatory, which more or less forgave him his faults.

Ten months later, the situation there has changed for this game that uses the popularity of manga Eiichiro Oda?

A timeless ambience

Despite the months have passed, the general atmosphere of the title is absolutely not become boring and old fashioned. Taking faithfully the story of the eponymous manga, fans will find pleasure with some of the highlights of the trip Luffy, in search of One Piece .

Emblematic attacks are still present and much like the characters are transcribed in a cute and funny miniaturized design, the sets are simple but pleasant to see.

On this point, One Piece Treasure Cruise is still as convincing at the time of its release, provided that one is a fan (but why play if one is not?).

An awesome Tool To Get Free Gems and Gold : One Piece Treasure Cruise Gems Free

An already exceeded gameplay?

Where the rub is when we look at the next game play of the game for mobile. Already at the time of its release, the specialized players and the press had highlighted its obvious problems.

His tapping based system on the screen, even if it was slightly revised to adapt to the fighting so One Piece, was a redesign of an already seen gameplay and reviewed on other games. And the weather did not help get the pill. If it was downloaded now by lovers of manga, looking for a hobby during his transport, there is no guarantee that it would be used long enough to finish a bus ride …

After making the turn animations of attacks and some combos, it is difficult to find a reason to get involved in its business modelfree-to-play . As soon as the first restrictions arise, requiring patience or the purchase of ” rainbow gems “, there will be more quick to set it aside to be interested in much more exciting competition.


If it was difficult for him to keep the length at the time of its release, One Piece Treasure Cruise became more passable at this time. Apart from the few (few) fans who have not tried at the time of its release, it’s hard to see who can get excited a title that simply reused revenues from other popular games.


  • A beautiful and true design in One Piece
  • The story of the manga rather well transcribed

The bad

  • Too banal gameplay
  • A little interesting business model for the player
  • A very short lifetime

Dark Souls 3 in Test: The Slaughter

The game of a thousand deaths going into the last round, all blades sharpened! The test shows from which steel “Dark Souls 3” is forged.


BloodThirsty hordes of enemies attacking you, Flammen zauber and curses you whistle to the ears, giant arrows crashing into the ground. In the last moment you swallow a potion, then metzeln down to the only remaining adversary ahead – and die at the next corner but the Pixeltod. No matter! The next time it will work for sure! For fans of the infamous “Dark Souls” series that is the stuff of which dreams are made. And indeed, the virtual die well in any other video game as beautiful as in “Dark Souls 3”.Why this is so, check out this test.

“Dark Souls 3” makes enormous fun and a worthy continuation of the series. The RPG looks fantastic, the fights are accustomed challenging, fast-paced and dynamic. In addition, the overall game design is just great: This applies to the spectacularly gruesome areas as well as for the awful-beautiful opponents. The atmosphere is perfect, the level architecture succeeded here everything is right. “Dark Souls 3” is a dark, masterfully staged fantasy spectacle that has no equal. A feast for friends kept battles


  • Excellent Game Design
  • Great Level Architecture
  • Dynamic battles
  • Great atmosphere


  • Light Grafikfehler and Framerateruckler

“Souls” connoisseurs feel in the new part from the first moment at home. Interface and menu look familiar but are polished and act now somewhat clearer. Since there is little Helping details about red bars indicate about the weapon selection rate of wear. Even the Skill menu is now chic and clear. The key assignment on the controller has remained almost the same. Anyone who has ever played “Dark Souls” So slaughters going without acclimatization.


What’s new?

A new detail see at first glance: As in “Demon’s Souls” now joins the top left a blue mana bar to red and green energy endurance display. Their magic no longer wears off after a certain number of attack. Is your mana, you fill it with “ash” -Flakons again.Almost as soon you encounter an important new Item: “glow” – an equivalent of the human figures in the predecessor. Positive: Your maximum energy can not fall below 75 percent. Who incorporated the glowing item, in is “Cinder Mode”.

Heaven and hell

The eerily beautiful world of “Dark Souls 3” unites heaven and hell to a beautifully morbid spectacle. The development studio From Software proves in shaping the murderous areas great attention to detail. The castles, cathedrals, homes and huts see inside and fantastic! The distance vision, as on snowy mountains, on which perched gigantic castle complex is overwhelming. The testers were particularly enthusiastic: The atmosphere in “Dark Souls 3” is top notch!

Over hill and dale

The regions do not just look great, they play that way. The Level Architecture is masterful and comparable to that in “bloodborne”. The areas are often huge, contiguous and anything but a walk. Over hill and dale, it goes up and down, right and left, sometimes complicated and branched, first time behind a hidden wall or staircase on. There are also numerous shortcuts that make for great eye-opening moments. Only technically occur minimal problems: Sometimes it comes to frame rates jerkiness, camera problems in corners and clipping errors. But that is whining at a high level.

A comforting discomfort

Some areas are very confusing and worry without linear paths for discomfort. Here you can feel how dangers and enemies lurk behind every boulder or you might fall in the back. Sometimes there is nothing left but to feel their way step by step how to tiptoe forward. Just as on the “path of sacrifices”, a marshy woodland which has hardly landmarks. Here and there, glistening through the trees Items from a distance by which lure you deeper into the deadly area. Only some ruins in the distance before giving the approximate direction. The carnage in this “magical” environment is exciting and fun!Other areas are less cluttered, but tickling still get your explorer instinct. Pat by huge castle complex, which will surprise you with fabulous details, stunning interiors, walk-in roofs, catacombs, dungeons, courtyards and gardens. The designers have surpassed themselves – unbelievably good!

Awfully nice

Your opponents – of whatever kind – look great. When designing From Software was particularly visionary. The list of opponents is long: you come about to tumor-infested rats with milky eyes, beasts of mega mealworms, hairy, spider-like giant, giant crabs, werewolf-like creatures, skeletons and many other beautiful atrocities. It teems with spawns of hell that bristle with Ekel details only way.


Fancy a dance?

Opponents do not just look scary – they are in “Dark Souls 3” significantly faster, more aggressive and more agile than in the parts of it. They also provide their move sets often surprises, as if they were still reloading an unexpected blow or the weapon further swing than imagined. Here it is, with the right timing to break the series of attacks.Among the trickiest opponents include the thick chunks that the game sometimes served cold already at the level start. These fights are almost as sweaty as correct Boss Fights.

But ragged!

But fortunately in the current portion of not only your opponents nimble on their feet – and your character is! The Fights run particularly smoothly. The potions are down tilted considerably faster than before. Forget the sometimes robotic fighting here “Dark Souls 3” operated in the rapid “bloodborne” engine.


Weapons and skills

At a “Souls” titles include weapons, weapons and more weapons. The new part has something for everyone and all sorts character murder weapon: Players can look forward to familiar spears, swords, sabers, daggers, battle axes & Co.. New so-called skills that spice up your attacks.To rushing with a Rammattacke in rival purely to make a shield breaker followed by special bat or put your opponent with whirlwind attacks belong to.However, skill attacks consume not only endurance but also Mana. If the blue bar low tide, it was the first time with the special attacks.

Piano Tiles 2 Cheats, cheats and hack for diamonds and coins

Piano Tiles 2 (2)


The developers of “Do not tap the white tile” provide a similar game, a kind of sequel.

If you are a person loving the music, making music, specifically playing the piano, and you want to test the reflexes of your fingers, then Piano Tiles 2 could well be the game for you. Select one of many popular songs, start typing on the first tile and continue to make music, without missing a single tile.

Piano Tiles 2 was developed and published successfully by the game developer Clean Master Games, which are well known for other popular mobile games like Jelly Blast and Kitty Home.


Piano Tiles 2 Hack for Diamonds & Parts

Parts and diamonds are an important part of Piano Tiles 2. They are required to win!You’ll need lots of coins and diamonds. Download our free utility hack for Piano Tiles 2 now direct from our website to easily get diamonds and coins.

Our hack tool for Piano Tiles 2 is very easy to use. All you have to do is to return the amount of coins and diamonds you want.There are no forms to fill out or root APK necessary. If you want to use the hack tool just click the download button below to get it directly from our site.

Cheats & Tips for Piano Tiles 2

There are tons of sites on the internet that claim to offer a working hack tool, tools or modification Piano Tiles 2, which you can use to change the game on your mobile device and give you infinite coins, diamonds and of heart. The fact that these sites claim you can hack the operating system and files should be enough to alert you and stop you net, yet few people fall into the trap.

Over the past years, especially with the popularization of mobile devices, mobile gaming has become very popular. Many children receive a smartphone or tablet early in life and everyone knows that children love to play games.

Piano-Tiles-2 (2)

The owners of these fake hack sites know, that’s why they aim to exploit the innocent and naive children. They promise that they will be able to cheat their favorite game and all they have to do in return is to fill an underhand motion. Obviously they do not tell you that the survey is a source of income for them, and after completing this form you no longer use them for anything.

After completing the survey and downloaded their alleged hack, you will quickly realize that you have been duped and that the downloaded files are nothing but empty shells that are useless. Instead of wasting your time trying to find a working hack for Piano Tiles 2 I will give you tips and tricks that will help you in your game.

Piano Tiles 2 Gameplay tips

One of the first things you’ll notice when you start playing Piano Tiles 2 cheats is that the game has a lot of publicity, developers normally give you the opportunity to get rid of these ads in their game depending on the money the game, but this is not the case for Piano Tiles 2. I know anyone who likes to see all those annoying ads and be blocked by them during the game. Fortunately for you, I know a little trick that will help you get rid of in Piano Tiles 2, without having to spend a single kopek.

The first thing you need to do is close Piano Tiles 2 completely, and the game is not running in the background. After that you will be assured, you can switch airplane mode on your mobile device, which disconnects all incoming Internet connections.

Now when you start playing Piano Tiles 2, you will notice there is no advertising in the game, because the game needs an active Internet connection in order to send advertisements to your phone. After playing make sure you disable Airplane mode and use your mobile device as before.


Batman v Superman: Wonder Woman will be “the most impressive action sequences”

A few weeks before the release of the film, Ben Affleck revealed that Wonder Woman would be one of the big attractions of “Batman v Superman,” with some memorable sequences.

gal gadot batman v superman

Gal Gadot has operated the character of Wonder Woman on the screen and yet it is very difficult not to fall into the ridiculous” : if the film in which he plays is called Batman v Superman , Ben Affleck wanted to remember that we should not put aside the other superheroes expected on the screen either. In an interview with Premiere , the new interpreter of Man Bat even announced that its partner will make an impression from March 23: “The most impressive action sequences in the film are actually for her.”

Note also the plural of the phrase, which suggests that the Amazon, including the solo adventure released June 23, 2017 in the US, will be illustrated in other scenes as seen in the trailer above. Perhaps when the Justice League nascent will face more formidable threat that Doomsday evoked by production designer Patrick Tatopoulos

Future spectators who feared that the trailers have all unveiled therefore can blow because it will obviously their lot to discover on 23 March. Starting with a good Wonder Woman tough cookie.

Batman vs Superman Full Movie Online

10 tips to grow your city in SimCity BuildIT

simcity buildit tips and tricks

SimCity BuildIT is a multiplayer construction and management game, in which we have to create our ideal city, with all that entails and disadvantages. The hinge is for nothing, so we are facing a pleasure to “Time Management” where you have to go waiting time intervals until the buildings and improvements finished.

Of course, they also allow us to buy basics In-App, that will make us move faster in creating our city, but as usual in these games, following some guidelines and having a little patience, we can challenge without predicament used Extra capital. In this post we give you 10 tips / advice to better instruct your city , especially when you begin with it.

1- Spend your first airline to increase the capacity of businesses

Tickets that gives us a dropper can be used for various things, such as shrink construction time or get materials that do not have. We recommend you use them to increase the capacity of stores rather than to summarize time because eventually the improvement is veteran. That is why when you begin to have shops, And spend a few bucks to build their capacity building, the first improvements are not expensive, so dress four bills to increase production is a “gift”.

2- Sell everything you can when prompted

The ticket is a perfectly sufficient scarce in SimCity BuidIt, thereby achieving this is one of the main objectives. That is why, especially when just hovering, it’s good to betray everything I ask citizens since the construction time of the first means are not very big and can be filling our coffers extra guise. Once we are more advanced you should take more than we sell, because sometimes the ratio time / flow rate is not so disposed near us.

3- Create objects slow to betray the commercial deposit when you do not need

Another good way to enter flow is selling rudiments in the commercial deposit . That is why, although do not be zero to build specifically, it is good to stop doing things slower so you can sell them in the store. This will help increase the cash.

4- Always keep in mind the space between buildings to place services

When we started, we want to place the more houses, sometimes forgetting that we must provide citizens with basic services. That is why, once to meet an entire city block, think about the space needed to place Police, Fire and Clinics , and you’d better have a couple of houses less happy but the rest, who have empty houses that do not provide minimum.

5- Getting braces is very important

If you have played during certain hours a solace, you will know that our statement seems obvious, but we want to make that clear. We must try,whenever we can, meet the boat and start disaster . The first will give us a spigot for each shipment, with the possibility of getting a day.Disasters, unlocked more ahead, will allow you to get up to 10 keys “adversity”, so you ahorrad to unlock the building as you may have a chance.With the keys you can build specializations to increase the population and make more money and level.

6- Build parks and specializations

The population is very important for the improvement of our city, which is why we have to go back into parks and specializations to grow faster. Every time you lay a new Try núpuro consisting of the dean of homes to maximize their impact on growth.

7- Structure your city to remove contaminants residential buildings

When we started to envy, we can not keep the importance of jubilant citizens, so it’s good to think for a few minutes how we want our city. In this manner we will avoid having to re ordered everything to avoid contaminating living areas. That is why only originate build factories and polluting supplies, stray as possible from residential buildings. More ahead is good escape and return our finances to build new buildings that do not pollute , so do not be afraid to demolish a few buildings. Simcity buildit hack no survey .

8- Go to visit often Headquarters Complete Trade

At times, there is no easy way to get that material disregard You us to improve the store or unlock a new area of the plane, so it is good to stop by often Headquarters Complete Commerce , where other players SimCity sold BuildIT their belongings. It is accomplished to buy the principles that appear randomly on the map.

9. Cater to the dejection of citizens to be happy

The fortune of citizens not only allows us to get larger buildings, but also give us more capital per hour. That is why care for all our citizens having deposition is critical. Hearing what they say and act accordingly: away polluting factories, build parks and service roads or so and progresswhen they run small. Better is a neighbor glad percent in another city

10- Increase inventory is very important

At first you may seem vast, but as you may have some shops, you will see that the demands of the buildings will make you accumulate more rudimentary. That is why increasing the inventory is very important . Try to get as much as possible the sample, because in that guise you can catch all the objects that give you random citizens. At some point, it is also advisable to salute the World Trade Headquarters to buy some that it fails.

Extra: What is the airport and the Japanese residential areas?

If you have reached the level sufficient to unlock the airport but benefits will not know that you will explain it: the airport is the same as the port , but instead of keys will give you typical Japanese items that will be able to use to build Japanese homes. What is the difference with normal?Well, these are 20% more people than usual, ideal to further increase our citizens.


Mobile Strike Guide: Tricks, tips and strategies

mobile strike tips and tricks cheats

Mobile Strike is a strategy game where we have to build our base and improve it to make it impassable, unlock all kinds of units and form an army to destroy the enemy.Here’s our guide to the best tips and strategies to build the best foundation and tricks for gold and VIP points.

100% working mobile strike cheats online tool.

How to play to Strike Mobile

Mobile Strike basically have to build buildings, research and training troops. The key to the game is to build structures that allow us to get more resources so that eventually will give us the best basis with the best troops, and used all types buildings that give us resources to not miss anything. This does make things more difficult at first, but will pay off in the long run, and be aware that there is no limit buildings to build , so you can build all from the beginning.

Mobile Strike has several types of missions . Do main missions as you may because they are simple and give us many rewards and help us improve our base. Then there are the daily and alliance missions , which have the advantage that we just have to accept them, so always keep one of these active missions.

Defend yourself and look who attack

One problem with this strategy is based resources that will be targeted by playerswho want to take our resources, so we have to improve our defense immediately , what good it is that attacking players also get resources. Since the beginning we have a 24-hour shield that protects us from attacks, Please use this time to improve your defenses. You also have to improve your warehouse to store all these resources properly.

When you have to attack, see if you can to by base people who no longer play the game and has left, you’re still producing resources and be easy to conquer without risk of reprisals, many easily obtaining resources.

Ge stiona your resources and your commander

Mobile Strike have to return to the screen of missions to collect our reward when we finish the missions. This has an advantage because your enemy can not be done with the resources that you have not picked up, so only picks up what you need and this will help you all can not remove.

Another important thing to consider is improving the level of our commander since it is the key unit of the game. This affects the whole of our base, and level up when we can get points to spend on skills for combat.

Note : if you want free gold and VIP points mobile scrike hack will help you get this all for free.