Who are we? We are a diverse group of Utah citizens working to protect Utah's election process and ensure that ordinary Utah voters don't lose their voice to wealthy special interest groups seeking to take that voice away. Click here to view a few slides with important points on Utah's Neighborhood Elections. 

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uscapitol.jpgKeeping politicians accountable 

Neighborhood elections make it possible for regular Utah citizens to meet face to face with their candidates and elected officials. You and your neighbors are able to ask them tough questions, hold them accountable, and influence policy decisions being made on a local, state, and national level.

soutah.jpgGiving rural Utah a Voice

Neighborhood Elections force candidates to pay attention to rural areas of Utah. Direct primaries encourage candidates to ignore rural areas and campaign only by mass media. A direct primary would create fly-over areas of rural Utah that would rarely get to meet candidates face to face.


Maintaining Grassroots elections

Neighborhood Elections enable candidates who are not famous or wealthy to run for office. Utah currently chooses candidates based on ideas and qualifications, while other states choose their candidates based on who spends the most money to reach people with sound-bites. In our current system, a good candidate can earn grassroots support and win elections solely on merit, without having to pander to big money special interests.